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WOW Auto Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool Snooper Diagnostic Tester, Not for BMW

WOW Auto Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool Snooper Diagnostic Tester, Not for BMW

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1. Read & Erase Fault Codes & SLR All Systems.
2. Look at Live Data, graphing and saving of live data.
3. Component Activation.
4. ECU Coding / Parameter Adjustments / Component Configuration (initialization of new components, particulate filter regeneration, Diesel Injector coding, TPMS etc).
5. Intelligent System Scan complete scan of all ECU / ECMs on vehicle platform, configurable by system.
6. Full Vehicle Information tree, allowing vehicle specific check of OBD functionality without being connected to a vehicle. Customer reporting system. Direct Linking to Technical Data
7. Service Light Reset and Service Interval Reset.
8. The Diagnostic Tool database offers a deep OBD2 generic and manufacturer specific coverage of European Cars.
9. The Diagnostic Tool database is translated to several languages.
10. VCI uses Original Data from vehicle manufacturers to guarantee the best quality and functionality.
11. Functions:
Manufacture specific serial diagnose
Scan function
EOBD/OBDII communication
Serial Systems
Service reset
DPF, FAP reset adaptation data etc.
Comfort system
Gear-box etc.
1. Full Translate Language: Only English , Francais
2 . Diagnostic Tool features:
1) User-friendly and intuitive software for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles and buses
2) Fast and safe identification of vehicles and systems with the aid of VCI ISI (Intelligent System Identification)
3) Intelligent System Scan (ISS) function automatically scans through all the vehicles control systems
4) USB connectivity is standard
5) Software available on CD/DVD and the Internet
6) Handles all current communications standards for vehicle diagnostics
8) Help texts for available functions
9) Reading and erasing fault codes
10) Reading real-time data
11) Restoring service messages
12) Programming capabilities such as injectors, keys, remote controls etc
13) Unique multiplex technology, which minimizes the need for special cables
3. In serial we do following:
Read and erase fault codes
Read live data
Basic settings
Scan function
Fully compliant to the eOBD/OBDII standard

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